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Personal & Professional Development

Professional Learning, Professional Development and Training


A definition and explanation


The terms professional learning, professional development and training are often used inter-changeably, however, they are each very different, working together towards your own professional learning:

Professional Learning: is the continuous process that is engaged with over time to support development and will include a variety of activities that include structured (a conference) and non-structured (reading/podcasts) and accredited and non-accredited development and training.


Professional Development: These are activities; that may be one-off or a series of events that consider personal and professional areas of practice, knowledge and understanding.  Such activities will engage you in considering practice and pedagogy.  E.g. attendance at a conference to consider creative approaches to assessment.


Training: These are activities whereby learning and skills are transferred.  Training focuses on knowledge and skill development and upon completing training the knowledge can be utilised in practice.  E.g. first aid training.

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Professional Learning Opportunities

Here you can access a range of development and training to support your professional learning:





Bowden Education Professional Development Resources


Professional Learning Resources on Autism


Professional Development on Questioning

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Professional Development on Character Education

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